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I am sick? I have been sick. And I thought I was getting better and was just tired, but wow, my throat hurts a lot, as of, like, two minutes ago. Huh.

I don't have mono*, and if I have strep throat, no one ever called back with my test results (which is sort of rude). In the meanwhile, i am pretty much exhausted and in need of a nap after walking across the room. Fun times, fun times.

I don't really have anything else of interest to say, but hello! Hope you lot are well. <3

* - I was tested and it was negative, but the guy hadn't done it before, and I heard him talking to someone out in the hall but I couldn't make out the entire conversation - I am pretty sure they were talking about the test and chick he was talking to was saying, "Oh, just disregard it, then," in which case, maybe I do have mono, and you get what you pay for at the free student clinic.
This is the part where I open all the fanfic I've been meaning to read and roll about in it gleefully like a pig in filth.

I've got some McShep, some TG, some Saiyuki, and some Who on tap. And I meant to be drawing and/or watching Merlin, (and I could be tackling my History reading or sketching teacups with my left hand for drawing class) but hello, this is obviously far more important.

What's everyone else up to?


All right-y, folks. I'm nosy curious and... well, okay, that's pretty much it. Here's a poll for you, should you wish to respond. And I never figured out how to set up a proper poll and can't be bothered, so just comment away. Feel free to post anonymously if you want, or pick and choose what to answer. I'm just curious.

1.) What fandom(s), if any, do you consider yourself to be a part of on LJ? (or fandoms you're merely interested in)

2.) In what manner do you contribute? (do you post fic/art/icons, lurk, just comment? Yes, lurking is totally contributing, stfu.)

3.) What do you wish you would see more of in your fandom on LJ?

4.) Tell me about your old fandoms: do they have a shelf life? Do you tend to abruptly fall out of love? Any warning signs you notice before the interest dies? Any fandoms you you miss/wish you were still involved in?

5.) Anything else you'd like to add, feel free!

I'll post my own response as a comment as well. Commenting to the comments of others is highly encouraged. 8D

P.S. It has just occurred to me that this is sort of a "get reacquainted" post. So, yes, please, tell me about your lovely selves and I'll see if I have anything to offer you in the way of entertainment.


LIVEJOURNAL, YOU USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND BE THE BEST THING EVER. And now... Now, you're only mildly interesting. What happened? Where did our love go? I thought I had given up and moved on, but I just can't. Was it me, LJ? Was it something I said, did, etc.?

No, no, no, don't even start about Twitter. Me and Twitter, yeah, we're likethat, but it's not the same. You and me, LJ, you and me, we had something.


...It's really sad when you long for the past in an internet-specific sort of way.


I cannot wake up today. Went to bed early, overslept, had a lengthy nap... still tired. If I'm getting sick, I'm suing somebody. (Then again, I'm probably due - I haven't been sick this month.)

In other news, have a look at my Doctor Who art project for colour theory.Collapse )


that shag/marry/cliff thing

Marry, Shag, Cliff Meme
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

giddy_london gave me Thom Yorke, Morrissey, and Alan Rickman.

Then cincodemaygirl gave me Sarah Jane, Romana II, and Rose.

Hmm...Collapse )

Who wants to play? Tell me if you want guys/girls/mixbag.

ETA:(We have playing in the comments! IT'S A PARTY, WOOHOO.)

ETA 2: Now with 100% moar wimmins!


couple of link-y type things

Just found this site and think it's rather nifty: Urban Sketchers. From the site: Urban Sketchers is a network of artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel to. If you like seeing other people's sketchbooks, bet you'll like.

And if you like seeing other people's sketchbooks and Doctor Who, I found this whilst searching for something else: The Doctor Who Collection of Steven Smith. I honestly don't think I read a single word on the page, but there are some very cool artist sketch cards he's picked up at cons or something. Wonder how big they are.

In other news, I took a non-drowsy Tylenol sinus pill earlier before eating and nearly faceplanted into my plate. This was followed by several hours of INTENSE nappage, during which I dreamt I was in a drama class doing improv dance routines to songs from RENT (I was also being chased by haunted dolls; the two were somehow related).

coyness is nice and coyness can stop you

Okay, so I typed this long thing bitching about how you can't preview fonts in Photoshop without selecting your text and actually changing it (unless I have missed something the past 11 years), then I remembered Font Book. Obviously, I have made lots of graphics lately. *facepalm*

So, what's your favourite icon at the moment? I am looking for inspiration. I still have 12 icon spaces left, wheee!
So, as soon as I tell someone I am fine, I cease to be so. Spent the last couple of days having a lovely anxiety attack during which I was panicking over the most absurd, irrelevant, insignificant things imaginable - and the really crap part is that I knew I was being ridiculous, but that didn't stop it. Xanax and breathing exercises work wonders, yo. And I've now converted the new sketchbook into a sketchbook/journal, a combination which I thus far adore.

And I'll not be all emo at you guys any more, I swears, but I will throw artwerks and music* at you in the next few days, probably. And bitch about the effects of charcoal inhalation on the sinuses. Going to try to cut down on obsessive Twittering. My header here is motivation enough for me. SO CUTE.

AND LOOK OMG, I HAVE A MOOD THEME. That hasn't happened in... um, since Pippin. Years, guys, years.

...We can pretend I haven't been missing a gazillion years, right?** Seriously, you guys have to be used to it by now - not that I take it for granted. Anyone who puts up with me deserves to win the lottery - and not some lame scratch-off, I'm talking the Powerball multi-million jackpot.

* - Some of my friends have the BEST TASTE IN MUSIC IN THE UNIVERSE EVER and I adore them for it. I'm looking at you, bibliotech, cincodemaygirl, and mickeyglitter.

** - I have come to accept that I am a flake of the highest order and that I can blame it on being crazy, but I still feel bad about it.

P.S. How the hell are ya?

tv babbling (meaning downloaded shows)

Have been sick for around 11 days now and have done very little other than lie about in bed and watch shows on my laptop. Fun times, except for being sick.

Finished s3 of Doctor Who... wasn't terribly impressed. I really liked "Blink." The 'think happy thoughts!' bit in the series finale was just... um, yeah. And Ten and Dobby are cousins, maybe? Didn't expect when I started that I would like Eccleston and I figured I would hate Rose, but I ended up loving both and now miss them terribly. Argh.

I like Jack now, though, cincodemaygirl!

Went through s12 of Doctor Who - Four is just the best thing ever. And daleks still give me nightmares, wtf. (And yet I want one -- but a little one. No bigger than a pepper pot. That way, if it gets out of line, I can just step on it. You think I'm joking.)

Tried to watch some SGA and just couldn't get into it. No idea why. Woe. Then again, I had to force myself to finish Who s3, so maybe I just need to binge.

Watched the first ep of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Billie Piper in her knickers, what's not to like?

Also been watching I'm Alan Partridge (I <3 Steve Coogan), Keeping Up Appearances, and Fawlty Towers. Okay, hardly new stuff, but still.

I have difficulty watching FT because I worked in a hotel and the service attitude has been so firmly shoved into my brain that I cringe when Basil is rude to a guest. And KuA is just great and I adore Hyacinth, but it's sort of sad/creepy if you watch more than one episode at a time. It starts coming off as very Garfield Minus Garfield, and you start to wonder if one day Hyacinth is going to realize that no one can stand her and slit her wrists with the broken shards of her fine bone china.